Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Dresses

Sorella Vita means Sisters For Life and we can think of fewer phrases that sum up the special relationship between a bride and her bridesmaids.  

This modern, vibrant collection of bridesmaids dresses brings the hottest looks straight into the bridal studio and gives you a fabulous choice of dresses in cool colours, on-trend lengths and styles to flatter all shapes and sizes.  

We loved the ombre look, with bright, sumptuous colours fading to pale floaty hems. Perfect for the fashion-concious among you and a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe!  For maids you prefer a sleeker look, you will find style with sophistication in a range that oozes hollywood glamour. 

Book an appointment for your maids today and try the beautiful Sorella Vita collection.

The back of this grecian style Sorella Vita bridesmaid dress is just as stunning as the front.

Sorella Vita - 8922 - Stone - Back

This grecian style, stone coloured bridesmaid dress with cold- shoulder design is beautiful.

Sorella Vita - 8922 - Stone - Front

This figure hugging, garnet coloured, full length bridesmaid dress is beautiful.

Sorella Vita - 8880 - Garnet

This halterneck, spaghetti strapped bridesmaid dress is stunning in a rich burgundy colour.

Sorella Vita - 8872 - Burgundy

this graphite grey full length sweetheart neckline bridesmaid dress is elegant and will be flattering for all your maids.

Sorella Vita - 8862 - Graphite

The halterneck style of this rose gold sequined bridesmaid dress is just as stunning at the back as it is at the front.

Sorella Vita - 8848 - Rose Gold - Halterneck - Back

This sequined, rose gold bridesmaid dress with a halterneck style is gorgeous.

Sorella Vita - 8848 - Rose Gold - Halterneck

Stunning, sequined gold long sleeved bridesmaid dress.

Sorella Vita - 8848 - Gold

Stunning grecian full length latte coloured bridesmaids dress with a v neck and cold shoulder straps.

Sorella Vita 2017 - 8922

This gorgeous fitted, full length bridesmaid dress will flatter all your maids and give them a beautiful hourglass figure.

Sorella Vita 2017 - 8918 - Full Image

This shimmering berry burgundy bridesmaids dress is full length and has spaghetti strap detailing at the back and a high neck at the front.

Sorella Vita 2017 -8918 - Close Up

This gorgeous bridesmaids dress has a low cut back and a gorgeous high scooped neck.

Sorella Vita 2017 - 8880

These beautiful bridesmaids dresses come in a variety of styles and spaghetti straps. We love the halterneck and sweetheart necklines.  This deep berry/burgundy colour is gorgeous on all skin tones.

Sorella Vita 2017 - 8872

This full length dark grey bridesmaids dress  has a v neck and a flattering tie waist.

Sorella Vita 2017 - 8862

This long sleeved, slash necked, full length  bridesmaid dress in gold will make your bridesmaids shimmer and shine!

Sorella Vita 2017 - 8848

This halterneck gold sparkly sequined bridesmaids dress is absolutely gorgeous!

Sorella Vita 2017 - 8846

The Sorella Vita Bridesmaid dress looks lovely in jade green with a beautifully tied waist.

Sorella Vita- 8874 - Autumn 16 - Group Shot

This nude coloured deep necked dress has a figure hugging bodice and beautifully flared tulle skirt.

Sorella Vita- 8860 - Autumn 16 - Nude

This deep red one shouldered, floor length Bridesmaid gown radiates Hollywood glamour and sophistication.

Sorella Vita - 8852 - Red - Autumn 16 -One Shoulder

This beige bridesmaid dress is very Grecian and has a relaxed elegance.

Sorella Vita - 8874- Autumn 16

This beautiful jade coloured bridesmaid dress with a gathered waist and high neck is flattering and elegant.

Sorella Vita - 8868 - Autumn 16

This beautiful blush coloured bridesmaid dress comes in multiple different styles to suit all shapes and tastes.

Sorella Vita - 8852 - Group Shot- Autumn 16

This lilac Sorella Vita Bridesmaid dress is full length, flowing and classic.

Sorella Vita - 8828 - Lilac- Autumn 16

The beautiful lilac dress can be ordered in multiple different necklines to suit all different shapes and tastes.

Sorella Vita - Griss Cross - Autumn 16 - Lilac Group Shot

Floor length navy bridesmaid dress

SV 8576 Navy

Blush bridesmaid dress

SV ABT8291 Blush

Floor length gold bridesmaid dress

SV 8718 Gold

Long rose gold bridesmaid dress

SV 8690 Rosegold

Floor length bridesmaid dress

SV 8686 Platinum

Long chiffon navy bridesmaid dress

SV 8595 Navy

Cranberry floor length bridesmaid dress

SV 8581 Cranberry

Short black bridesmaid dress

SV 8562 Black

Royal Blue chiffon bridesmaid dress

SV 8530 Royal Blue

Floor length majestic bridesmaid dress

SV 8514 Majestic

Mulberry bridesmaid dress

SV 8503 Mulberry

Long blush bridesmaid dress

SV 8272 Blush

Floor length Lavender bridesmaid dress

SV 8459OM Lavender

Floor length bridesmaid dress

SV 8405OM Bythesea

Long Nightfall bridesmaid dress

SV 8386OM Nightfall

Floor length bridesmaid dress

SV 8201 Teal

Long chiffon bridesmaid dress

SV 8161 Aubergine

Floor length bridesmaid dress

SV 8107SA Cranberry

Beautiful bridesmaid shawl

SV Shawl

Floor length chiffon bridesmaid dress

SV 8446 Charcoal

Long chiffon bridesmaid dress.

SV 8405 Navy

Floor length bridesmaid dress

SV 8324 aubergine

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