Scottish VOWS Awards

Scottish VOWS Awards

With the support of our lovely customers we have decided to go for it and enter the Scottish VOWS Awards.

Hi Everyone,

WOW! We have been delighted with the response to our request for testimonials to feature on our website and Facebook page. We’d hoped for maybe one or two, but had no idea how generous you’d all be in giving up some of your precious time to write a few words about Apple Blossom Time.

As many of you will know, we’ve been trading for four years now and during this time we’ve built a wonderful word-of-mouth trade and a reputation for warm, friendly and helpful service.  So often now, when new brides-to-be arrive for their first appointment, we hear stories about how beautiful a previous Apple Blossom Time bride looked on her Big Day.   And because we’re absolutely NOT in the business of building repeat customers, we love to hear these stories through friends and family.

For us, it is the ultimate accolade; knowing that our brides have recommended our service to their friends is an amazing feeling.  At the risk of sounding cheesy, playing such a front-and-centre part in one of the most important days of a woman’s life is a real privilege and its one that we take seriously.

Since we started back in 2011, we’ve always had ‘great service’ at the top of our priority list; always helpful, always genuine and never, ever pushy just to make a sale. I don’t mind confessing, as with all businesses we’ve had our ups and downs, particularly in the early days, but it seems ‘warm and genuine’ over ‘salesy and pushy’ has been a winning decision for us!

It’s easy to say this of course; we all read promotional blurb from businesses up and down the land that lay claim to ‘Friendly Service’.  How do you know we’re being honest? Well, realistically, you don’t! That’s why we started our Real Brides page, inviting our customers to send in their photographs following their Big Day.  You see, for us, ‘being genuine’ means helping a bride find that elusive, perfect dress. The one that suits her to a T, that reflects who she is and lets her spend her day in the spotlight feeling like a million dollars.  And what better way to highlight our commitment to this service, than by showcasing the beautiful brides and bridesmaids who have come through our doors? 

As a little aside, apart from the fact it makes good business sense to give great service, Jolene is a true lover of all things beautiful. It was during her degree in fashion that she fell in love with bridal gowns and the idea of helping women find their perfect look for this most important of days became her personal goal.  On a simple, sartorial level, she would never allow anyone to leave our studio with anything less than bridal perfection! - Karen

Clare Norman in a Stephanie Allin DressAnd so, after four years of working hard, and hearing wonderful, generous feedback from our brides, we’ve decided that we’re feeling ready to stick our heads above the parapet by entering this year’s Scottish VOWS Awards.  These awards celebrate and promote excellence in customer service within the Scottish wedding industry by rewarding the companies who are striving to provide outstanding service and a great customer experience.

Because the VOWS Awards are voted for by customers, we’d LOVE to win one and we’re asking our customers past and present, to take a few minutes to vote for us here

Thank-you so much in advance, Karen and Jolene XX

PS If you’ve enjoyed your experience with us, and would like to appear on our Real Brides page, please do drop us an email with a photograph from your wedding day. Have a look here

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