This stunning collection from the award-winning designers at Australian brand One Day was founded in 2011 by creative director Kyha.  In the few short years since then it has established itself as a leader in the bridal style stakes; ambitious and forward-thinking, this is the brand that truly delivers on the promise of doing something different.

Kyha’s initial ideas came from her own experience of being a bride. She was determined to find a brand that reflected her own personal style – modern in its look with plenty of personality.  Since then CHOSEN has evolved into a global bridal phenomenon but the ethos and heart of the brand has remained true to these ideals.  Her eye for detail, stunning silhouettes and journey from bride to designer has brought a creative edge to wedding fashion that modern, style conscious brides are going to love!

Mackeller (front view) By Chosen for SS2018

Chosen - Mackeller- Front

Mackeller (Back View) by Chosen

Chosen - Mackeller - Back

Chosen Pacific dress.

Chosen - Pacific - Front

The gorgeous Pacific dress from Chosen

Chosen - Pacific - Back

Gorgeous Chosen bridal gown.

Chosen - Capebase - Front

Gorgeous sweeping Chosen gown.

Chosen - Capebase - Back

Stunning Chosen Hamilton bridal dress.

Chosen - Hamilton - Front

Gorgeous Chosen bridal dress.

Chosen - Hamilton - Back

Stunning Nala bridal gown from Chosen.

Chosen - Nala - Back

Gorgeous sweeping back of Chosen bridal dress.

Chosen - Broome - Back

Stunning Broome dress from Chosen.

Chosen - Broome - Front

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