Carrie McDonald wedding dress

Carrie McDonald

25th October 2018

Hey, Jolene here! 

We had a truly amazing time at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas last month, when my sister married her soul mate in what was an incredible wedding.

Yes, I am aware that the first photograph should be of Carrie and Mark, but in my defence, we've been sisters longer than they've been married! 

Carrie was, of course, styled by Apple Blossom and we although we may be biased, we've never seen anyone look so beautiful.

DRESS: Nala dress from the CHOSEN 2018 collection >>>

DENIM JACKET (below): from the CHOSEN 2018 collection, made bespoke for each bride >>>

TIARA: Miranda Templeton for Carrie >>>

NECKLACE: Made bespoke by the amazing Lorraine Law >>>

SHOES (below): By Vans and pimped up by her wee sis - the fashion designer in me struck out!

Photographer: Taylored Photo Memories

Apple Blossom Time Brides

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