A Month of Modelling and Mum

A Month of Modelling and Mum

Jolene models for Apple Blossom Time and brings in Mum for back up!

Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a very eventful month here at Apple Blossom Time starting with my first foray into modelling for myself!

I’ve been signed to an agency in Glasgow (which is very exciting!) and was encouraged to go out and gain some real photo-shoot experience to build my portfolio.  I’ve not modelled since my student days - I’m usually on the other side of the camera, fluffing trains and straightening veils  - so although I’m completely at home styling and directing, my modelling skills needed a brush up.

Thankfully, it’s a bit like riding a bike! Once I was standing in front of the camera I found I loved it and it was as though I’d never been away.  I'm luck y to have lots of fashion world contacts to draw on so I've been offering myself up as a willing and free subject for photoshoots! It was while chatting to a photographer friend of mine that we decided I should model some of my own dresses for the Best Scottish Wedding editorial shoot we had planned for the October issue.

We had booked Arta in Glasgow for the shoot and I instantly fell into the role of model instead of director. It was fantastic; and a very surreal experience opening the magazine this month to see not only my dresses (which is always a buzz!) but also my face!

Arta Bridal Shoot

As you might expect, this has taken up a fair bit of time but my second piece of news will explain how that has been possible for a busy, young business owner. Put simply, it’s all thanks to my Mum!  She took early retirement from her job recently and it was always the plan that she’d help me with Apple Blossom Time.  Because our reputation has grown so wonderfully (thanks to all of you for spreading the word!), we’re finding things much busier.  When I was presented with the opportunity to sign to the agency Mum offered to help out in the studio more. Secretly, I think retirement bored a woman as bright as my mum! And so it has been a Win Win for everyone! 

For those of you who haven’t met my Mum, you’re going to love her!  She has often helped out in the studio and has joined me on buying trips and at events ever since the business started. She knows the business and the industry inside out! She’s full of great advice, good to talk to and will give you warm, friendly and honest service. Just like me – who do think I learned from? Wink

Please do book in if you’d like to grab a little of the Karen magic - We’re BOTH looking forward to seeing you soon!


And then there were three. Beautiful wedding dresses from the Apple Blossom Time #BestSeasonEver.

Arta Three

The bridal gowns looked stunning in Arta's sweeping staircase.

Arta's sweeping staircase

The sweeping staircase in Arta was perfect for the Apple Blossom Time Bridal Shoot.

Arta Bridal Shoot

Jolene models her own wedding dresses for Apple Blossom Time at Arta in Glasgow.

Arta Jolene

Arta was a stunning location for our recent photo shoot for Best Scottish Wedding.

Arta Bridal Shoot 1

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