My Best Friend's Wedding Dress

My Best Friend's Wedding Dress

Helping my best friend, Grace, choose her Wedding Dress was emotional for many, many reasons. #ReasonsWhyILoveMyJob!

When I was studying fashion at college there were so many different directions I could take but wedding dresses always held a special attraction for me.  Since we started out over five years ago, we’ve helped hundreds of brides choose THE dress for their big day.  Even now, after all this time, mum and I feel extremely privileged to be such an intimate part of a bride’s biggest decision (after choosing the right groom after of course!).

However, I’m going to put myself out there and admit that one of my most recent brides has held an extra special place in my heart.   Grace has been my best friend since we were 12 years old, we grew up together, through the teenage years and have stayed in constant contact since my move to Scotland in 2005.  From the moment she announced her engagement it has been a flurry of dresses, decisions and dreams come true because as well as being the friend with a bridal shop, I was also one of nine bridesmaids!

Grace portrait of a brideGrace chose a silver grey wedding dress with lace overlay by Jack Sullivan (named Cassie, for those who’d like to enquire!).    She looked stunning and it was an emotional moment in more ways than one when she stepped out of our fitting room and into the bridal studio.  I have to confess, I had a wee cry!

Now, with nine bridesmaids in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and colours it was never going to be a one style fits all affair!  After a long chat we decided to go for one style – Sorella Vitta 8201 – in nine different colours from the same palette. It was beautiful.  Grace has impeccable taste and the floral bouquets were all matched to the dresses but mixed up so we were contrasting with one another.  He flower girl was in a silver dress to match Grace – Amanda Wyatt 2444.

Because all of us bridesmaids were dotted across the country, we did the colour allocation and sizing via email and had all the dresses ordered in to me at our Bridal Studio in Perth.    Grace was lucky enough to be visiting her own family in Aberdeen and called in to collect her dress and the bridesmaids gowns (naturally we sat and ate lots of biscuits with tea) but we would happily have arranged postage of these. Grace and each maid had a seamstress in her local area do the final fitting.  

Now, I know this seems like extra special treatment for my best friend but this is a service we’d be happy to offer any of our brides.  It went like clockwork, and as long as your maids are honest about their original size (I know us girls like to think a size smaller!) then it will work out no bother at all.

Grace was married in her garden in St Albans and as we walked behind her in a line, all blending with the flowers around us it was every bit the romantic dream day she had hoped for.   When I saw everyone together, all contrasting but so very obviously part of my best friends special day I had a little work-mode moment when I high-fived myself and mum in my head!  It was a bit - “YES – We made that happen!”

The great thing was, lots of other people at the wedding had no idea I owned the shop that created Grace’s look and so all day long we were hearing the sort of feedback that we’d never normally have access to.  It was honest and fabulous and Mum and I were beaming from ear to ear for so many reasons I thought I might burst!

Grace with her bridesmaids

It was a super relaxed day; five of us were friends from school and being together for this amazing occasion was never going to feel like work.   I’m going to take this opportunity to thank Grace for trusting me and to wish my friend and her new husband , Jon, a lifetime of laughs and happiness.

If you’d like Apple Blossom Time to help you co-ordinate your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and flower girl’s gown then please do give us a call. If, like Grace, you’re dotted around and need some help arranging this then please do let us know. We’d love to be part of your big day.

Lots of Love, Jolene X



  1. Ensure you find a good local seamstress to do a final fit on your wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses. This will make a huge difference on the day.
  2. Ensure your maids sizes are in line with the designers.  We all know a 12 in Markies is different to a 12 in H&M and bridal is no different!
  3. Mix and Match your bridesmaids into different colours or styles with a theme for a wedding party that compliments all shapes, sizes and colourings.  Read our blog about mix and match bridesmaids here>>>
  4. Bear in mind postage if you’re not collecting – typically, a bridemaids dress or wedding dress will cost around £15 - £45 (depending on size and weight) to post to mainland UK.
  5. Give yourself a little extra time if you can and try it on immediately! We can correct wrong sizes but need a bit of wiggle room to do this without too much extra stress! 
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