Big Dress Love

Big Dress Love

Apple Blossom Time breaks out the love for a BIG wedding Dress!

Hi Everyone,

We were recently enjoying a day off and reading through our favourite bridal blogs (we are self-confessed Bridal Geeks here!) when we discovered a fantastic article from Jolene's Fashion Student Crush, Ian Stuart

Ian is a HUGE fan of a HUGE dress and for anyone who is familiar with his designs, you'll know he carries this love through his entire collection.  He tells how his passion for a big frock stems from their theatrical overtones and confesses to that it was this drama that pulled him into bridal design and kept hin here for over 25 years.

We have to admit... We also love a big dress. The thrill of watching folds and layers of beautiful fabric drop down over a women's frame is breathtaking. Ian calls it DRAMA, we call it the WOW FACTOR but the end result is the same... a look that is so 'jaw droppingly beautiful, powerful and iconic that you almost choke on your own gasp'.   

Bad Meringues

Ian laments the bad press that Big Dresses have experinced at the hands of the 'Bad Meringue' and I for one, share his pain! Film makers, magazines, sitcoms... when they want to torture a bridesmaid or depict a Bridezilla Character they always roll out the Bad Meringue!

This constanat negative attention has put off a lot of brides and a creeping, cold fear of looking like a dodgy eighties barbie doll stops many of today's stylish brides trying on a Big Dress. Well, we're here to tell you that rather than drowning you in horror, the right Big Dress will lift you up into the most stunning of all bridal looks.  

Bring On The Layers

Ian talks about the Princess Feeling and describes his own frustration at knowning he will never capture that Royal / Disney moment for himself! (Having met this gorgeous man I now have a very odd picture of him in my head!).

There is something very honest about what he says here - having been in the business of dressing brides for the past four years now, we know that girls come in with a very fixed idea of sleek and slender or big and full! You may not know exactly what you're after, but you will certainly know if you want to be a princess or not! And my oh my, do we have amazing collection for you? 

We have just taken stock of the new Ian Stuart Collection and we would love to book you for an appointment to show you just how beautiful a Big Dress can be. Book in here today>>>

Top Tips For Wearing A Big Wedding Dress

1. Make sure the bodice fits like a glove, the last thing you want is to be constantly pulling the dress up because of the weight of the skirt.

2. Get a bustle put in for the evening so you can dance within 3 feet of your guests!

3. Wear shoes you are super confident to walk in (no one will see them anyway) you don't need sore feet and a mammoth gown to contend with!

4. Then practice walking in it, you should NOT have to touch or pick up your dress when you walk. 

5. Bigger is always better!

If you go big then use the joint the revolution and tag it #BigDressLove!  And as always, we'd love to see your photographs over on our Real Brides section so do please share them after the big day.

Love Jolene and Karen X

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