Bridal And Boarding

Bridal And Boarding

Jolene takes a sabbatical to North Vancouver in Canada to follow her life's two great passions.

Hi Everyone,

If you follow us on Facebook you’ll know that Jolene has taken a short sabbatical to follow her two great passions in life; namely Bridal and Boarding!

She has decamped to Mount Seymour in North Vancouver where she’s spending some much deserved free time shredding down the side of the glorious mountains and soaking up the breathtaking views.  It’s not all snowboarding and sightseeing though – there’s also beer and business!

For quite some time now Jolene has been keen to get back to her fashion student roots and experience first-hand the steps that go into making the beautiful gowns that we sell here at Apple Blossom Time in Perth. When she talked about having an extended break, she knew it could offer her the chance to properly explore this side of the business. Not one to hang about once an idea is in her head, she promptly bagged herself a fantastic bridal job in North Vancouver!

Pure Magnolia was started in 2009 by Designer Patty Nayel who wanted to give local and international brides an eco-option for their wedding dress. It was a huge hit from the get-go and Patty was soon dressing hundreds of brides a year, both from her shop in Vancouver and at select boutiques across Canada.

Jolene has discovered that in Canada brides are more tuned into the idea of using a basic design which can then be custom made to their exact specifications.  Patty and her team take beautiful customisable dresses made from European laces, Indian Silks, Organic cottons, vintage and recycled fabrics and transform them into contemporary and boho looks for the modern bride. 

The time difference is proving challenging – we’re thinking about sleeping when she’s at her porridge! - but we’ve caught up with her as much as possible on Facetime and she is a girl who is clearly enjoying her snow dusted sabbatical!

Canada Sewing machine“It is so fabulous here!  The offer is really quite different; brides will come in and try dresses off-the-peg which are then fully customised inhouse to fit their exact style and shape.  Seeing someone like Patty work within such a huge remit has been enlightening!  

At home, we obviously go from wholesale to retail, and although Mum and I have a great working knowledge of fitting and measuring this takes it to a whole new service. 

Understanding why certain fabrics work with particular necklines or whether a bride’s request is ultimately achievable is second nature to Patty. I’m now beginning to find that the more I work with her, the better I become at recognising the How and Why of the design process rather than just the Want! I’ve picked up so many amazing tips that I just know will help us take our service to another level.

It works both ways though; ABT has had great success since we expanded our size range and I’ve been offering some insight into styles and designs for brides who wear an 18+. 

I can’t quite believe the incredible experience I’m having… although I'm missing our studio so much and can’t wait to get back to put all of these great tips to good use!”


Canada Bridal FlowersAll of the fabrics are eco-friendly and all dresses are made to measure.  All dresses can be full customised so brides can literally choose the top of one with the skirt of another or can add in an illusion neckline or lace panel.

The production team are based next door meaning all alterations are on hand which is an incredible service! 

Patty also offers an heirloom service where she will redesign a mum’s dress for the bride-to-be.  It is a wonderful example of how vintage clothing can become your something borrowed.

Jolene would like to send a huge thanks to Patty and thank her for being such a great friend and mentor - the entire expereince has made her trip complete.

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