Choosing The Right Bridal Shop For You

Choosing The Right Bridal Shop For You

Say Yes To The Dress is the catchphrase that has captured the imagine of thousands of brides worldwide.

Good old Randy and the team at Kleinfeld have reinforced that all important simple message – the dress needs to work for YOU! We are huge advocates of this at Apple Blossom Time and over the years we have written various blogs to help brides stay both open-minded and focused - you will need a bit of both! 

We’ve talked to you about wedding dress shapes, about how a wedding dress should fit, and how to plan your time when buying a wedding dress.  We've even warned you about the dangers of Instagram bridal stalking and told you what to expect when you shop for a wedding dress.

However, there is one crucial element to getting to that much-sought-after YES that we've yet to cover....

Have you chosen the right bridal shop to begin with?

Here at ABT, we are passionate about what we do, and would love to dress every last bride in Scotland! But the simple truth is that we cannot possibly stock every designer, every size or every possible look out there.  And nor can anyone else.

That’s why you’ll find that each bridal shop will have naturally fallen into their own speciality – and with a little research on your part, you’ll ensure that you find the retailers most likely to stock the designers, styles and look that you’re after.

Here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Always look at the bridal section on a shop’s website (it's not just about the excitement of the appointment page!) and pay special attention to the designers stocked and the images the shop has chosen to show.  These will have been selected as the shots most likley to reflect of the aesthetic on offer, ensuring you gain an insight into the type of gown you’re going to find. 

  2. Research current bridal designers and make a point of booking your first appointments with the shops that stock your favourites.   With a bit of time spent browsing UK wedding bloggers and sites such as Scottish Wedding Directory, you will find that you start to veer towards specific designers and their style.

  3. Take advice from friends who’ve shopped for a wedding dress in the past two or three years. Service is so important and knowing that you can trust the shop’s team to be experienced, honest and helpful, is vital in getting to the right dress.   We pride ourselves on our expertise and product knowledge, as will any good bridal retailer worth their salt.

  4. Look at the overall vibe of the dresses on offer.  It may seem an obvious statement but it is so easy to be swept up in a sea of lace, tuille and ivory that you lose sight of actual style.  If you have your heart set on a full meringue style skirt and long train, you’re unlikely to find it in a shop showing only column dresses and boho cardigans.

  5. Find a shop that you feel reflects your budget and standards.  That old demon money isn’t something we like to talk about, but the truth is, if you are being driven by price it is far better to start from a realistic standpoint.  Similarly, if quality craftsmanship and fabric is an important factor, you won’t get this in a lower-end discount shop. (Although sample sales may well be your best friend for a bit of both!)  

What Do Apple Blossom Time Offer Brides?

Chosen - Nala - BackAs a bridal brand, we have set ourselves apart with a commitment to originality meaning that we are focused on bringing exclusive brands and a more modern look to Scotland’s brides. 

We currently offer three exclusive-to-Scotland brands – CHOSEN, Marylise and Rembo Styling – and have various others which are exclusive to us in Tayside and Perthshire including Willowby and The One.    

These dresses tend to be more modern, with a real emphasis on fashion-forward and boho chic.  This allows style-conscious brides to find a gown that will fit their personality and sartorial style, on what is undoubtedly the most important day of their lives

Our designer-range wedding dresses are typically an average of £1500 per dress and the higher-end exclusive gowns can be upwards of £3000. We also offer bridesmaids, flower girls and accessories.

The brand values behind ABT have always been customer focus and this has built an impressive word-of-mouth referral.   Both Jolene and Karen have their own style favourites, and yet, with years of experience they can instinctively find the gown that is the perfect choice for each individual bride.

Follow our tips, book your appointment and the next person saying YES could be you!

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