Coloured Wedding Dresses

Coloured Wedding Dresses

The stunning new look for this season's style conscious bride is a softly coloured wedding dress.

We’ve noticed that over the past year our modern brides have been keen to take a small step to the side when it comes to a traditional white or ivory gown. We’re not talking way out and wild, just a gorgeous, subtle blush of pink, a shimmer of silvery grey or a swoosh of a creamy latte.

Experience has shown us that couples everywhere are becoming less rigid in their approach to wedding traditions and so it was only matter of time before fashion caught up with our 21st century attitudes! Brides nowadays want to show off their personality and sense of style; a coloured wedding dress lets them make a bigger statement about who they are.

A few years ago we’d have struggled to offer choice for this request but it seems the big designers are already a step ahead of the trend and we have a stunning collection of fabulous fairytale gowns, cool boho bridal and chic minimalist styles all breaking the conventional wedding dress palette.

We have some beautiful designs from our brand partners this season including:

Regardless of the style you choose, most of our designers have gone for a layered effect, with the colour shimmering through a lace or chiffon gown.  This gives the mini-break from tradition our brides are craving, without scaring the old aunts and grannies!  It is a really beautiful finish and we think it brings a certain glamour to simpler styles.  The latte in particular gives a soft, vintage look which looks great with boho headbands and sasso bridal shrugs. For fairytale brides, blush or peach will lift you into another world and bring an unapologetically feminine feel to your look.  

The soft tones that we’ve chosen for this trend at Apple Blossom Time, break the starkness of white, cream or ivory which can actually be quite draining on some complexions.  You will find that your own colouring can be better complimented – the blush on red heads is amazing, as is the latte on a brunette – and your Make Up Artist will thank-you making their job a whole lot easier!

Of course, a non-white wedding dress needn’t even be a wedding dress and we have a few bridesmaids styles that can double-up as the main attraction for those of you on a budget or who’d like to go all out with a bolder colour choice.  The Sollera Vita gowns in metallic rose gold are stunning statement dresses or why not go for a deep purple or ruby red ombre to really set this trend alight?

To try something a little different, why not book in for an appointment today and browse the new look coloured wedding dresses. These are so fantastic that we defy even the most traditional bride not to have her head turned!

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Jolene and Karen 

Stella York Back 5984

Stella York Back 5984

Stella York 6144

Stella York 6144

Ian Stuart, La Paix

Ian Stuart La Paix

Papillon by Modeco, Stacey, Front View

Papillon Stacey Front

Papillon by Modeco, Stacey, Close Up

Papillon Stacey Close Up

Papillon by Modeca, Savita, Back View

Papillon Savita Back

Stella York - Style 6098 - Tuille Princess style wedding dress

Stella York - Style 6098

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