Dress For Your Bridal Shape

Dress For Your Bridal Shape

What style of wedding dress should you choose to compliment your shape? This bridal blog has all the answers you need!

There is no truer statement than the one which says ‘We Come In All Shapes and Sizes’ and here at Apple Blossom Time we like to think that we celebrate each and every possible combination!  From super tall to super short, va va voom curves to willowy women, we love you all.  Why? Well it would be an amazingly dull bridal studio if we were kitted out to fit just one type.  Instead we get to choose from all of the beautiful gowns on offer out there to make sure you have the perfect dress for the perfect day.

Our first piece of advice when it comes to choosing the style that is right for you is to forget almost everything you’ve ever known about dressing for your shape!   For example, curvy girls often think they can’t wear fitted skirts - anything to cover those hips, right? Wrong! You will look every inch the perfect bride in a fitted fishtail to show off that wonderful derriere!

A bridal gown can transform you and given that there won’t be many occasions in your life that brings the opportunity to adorn yourself in tulle, lace and silky satin, you really need to open your mind to some new ideas.  We’ve seen girls who arrive looking for a full skirt of tulle leaving with a figure hugging fishtail – or plain jane boho lovers finally settling on blush pink lace.

These are a few tips and hints to help you get started; make sure you read our BRIDE'S SIZING GUIDE alongside this as it really does help to get you in the right mindset for your first appointment. 

Straight Up And Down
* SAY YES: Princess dresses or fitted bodices with full skirted dresses are ideal to create the illusion of curves in the right places and to give your figure a feminine shape. Mermaid styles can also work in the same way using the volume from an underskirt. Your narrow figure will look amazing in a low or backless dress!
* AVOID: Plunging necklines.

Slim or Athletic Build
* SAY YES: Lucky you – just about any style will look good on you! From princess, to fish tale, Sheath of column boho styles or A-line.  Why not experiment with neck lines and sleeve lengths for something truluy unique? 
* AVOID: Be careful not to get too carried away - your dress still has to suit your venue, theme and overall day! 

Apple Shape Brides
* SAY YES: Simple gowns suit you best with A-line shapes and dropped waists a perfect style for you. If you’d like some detail go for a structured bodice with soft laces and pearl beading.  For a more traditional look try adding an illusion neckline or cap sleeve with soft, flowing skirts in chiffon or organza with lace overlay. 
* AVOID: Frills, 3D flowers and heavy detail around the tummy/bodice area,

Curvy or Hourglass
* SAY YES:  Mermaid, fit and flare or trumpet style dresses look sensational on a girl with curves in all the right places - you absolutely need shape to fill the silhouette these gowns offer.  Experiment with sleeve lengths if you feel your arms need covered.
* AVOID: Column or Sheath – it will do you no favours.

Broad Back or Wide Shoulders 
* SAY YES: Off the shoulder neckline with high illusion backs are perfect but we’d also recommend you try fine lace straps that sit wide on your shoulder with a V-neck.  A strapless sweetheart (if you’re not too busty) is also good for the same reasons. If you prefer to cover up more then flash that collar bone with a little lace appliqués instead of a definite line to narrow your shoulders. 
* AVOID: Blocked off shapes will only make you feel broader. 

Short or Petite Brides
* SAY YES: Classy sheath styles, column dresses or fit & flare with one continued fabric or pattern will elongate your body giving the illusion of height.
* AVOID: Princess puffy skirts which will look as though they're wearing you! Any featured horizontal line will only make the dress seem out of proportion so high necks and seams at the knees or bodice are best avoided.  

Finally, before any of this you really need to be honest about those boobs! Middle of the road sized girls are usually going to find things easy but if you’re at either end of the boob scale then read on before applying the rules above to suit your overall shape!

No Bust
This can be a tricky one as wedding gowns tend towards the feminine side of styling. Experiment with low plunging neck lines or silky fabrics at the bust which even many C cup girls can’t pull off.  And remember, at the end of the day, most dresses can have a padded cup built in to truly make use of what you have!

Big Bust
This is one of the times the everyday rules still apply – busty girls usually hunt for a well supporting bra to give support and shape and bridal is no different.  You’ll need a dress that covers your bra line so stay away from low-back or backless dresses. If your boobs are not supported, you will have an ill-fitting wedding dress because there is no material to offer structured support at the bust. 

Do remember, we are forever in awe at how amazing our job is and it is our duty to ensure you leave us with a dress that you LOVE.  We want you to look and feel like a million dollars and so our promise to you is to note your bride’s wishes and requests before applying our expert knowledge to some – hopefully perfect – style suggestions for you.

Are you ready? Then click here and book today, we look forward to meeting you.

Karen and Jolene X

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