A Celebration of Bridesmaids & Flower Girls!

A Celebration of Bridesmaids & Flower Girls!

Hi Everyone,

We thought we’d dedicate this month’s blog to the very special women that help you plan and celebrate your Big Day.  Because let’s be honest… Where would a Bride be without her Bridesmaids and Flower Girls?

The tradition of having bridesmaids goes way back to when you’d invite other young, single ladies of marrying age to attend to you on your Big Day. The larger the number, the higher your social status. Hence those Royal Weddings!

Today, most Brides invite their sister or best friend to take up the prestigious position of Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid. Those who are planning a big wedding party then select one or two close friends or relatives to join them in making a beautiful, Bridal entrance!

These wonderful women become your closest allies in the run up to the wedding, often helping you choose your dress, flowers and hairstyle, and offering advice to keep you calm should you reach fever pitch!  They are also responsible for planning the all-important Hen Party so choose carefully dear Brides!

Comrie Croft BridesmaidHere at Apple Blossom Time we know only too well that your maids may very well wish to wear their dress again after your wedding day. Long gone are the frilly, frou-frou horror stories of 1980s American Wedding Movies and in their place you will find beautiful, sophisticated dresses that come in various lengths, styles and colours.  All of our gowns are suitable for using again as evening wear or depending on style, party dresses. In fact, we often have customers come to us and buy directly for such an occasion!

Over recent years it has become quite commonplace for maids to choose different colours in the same style or different lengths and cuts in the same colour. After all, it’s unlikely you’ve chosen your friends because they’re all the same size, shape and colouring! If you’d like to experiment a little with this, please do ask for advice – we’d love to help.


The Decorum Bridesmaid collection is the newest offering from Decorum Brides and has brought a modern, stylish edge to bridesmaids’ dresses.  Designed to bring your modern maids a mix-and-match choice, the collection offers amazing colours in chiffon fabric and three different hem-lengths. Click through to the website here.

Wtoo Maids Dresses are one of our best-selling ranges and hit the on-trend-colour button every time. Traditional colours such as pink and coral are still there but they’ve been updated in tone for twenty-first century fashionistas! You’ll also find soft grey and dark navy which are, I think, guaranteed show stoppers! Click through to the website here.

Alexia Bridesmaids dresses appeal to bridesmaids of all ages with their clean, simple designs. Strapless and off-one shoulder are popular choices from this designer and each and every maid who has chosen an Alexia comments on how comfortable and luxurious they are to wear.  Click through to the website here.

We love the Amanda Wyatt range with stunning colours and beautiful, flattering cuts. They also offer co-ordinating gowns for your flower girls (and at under £100 they are sensibly priced for a little one) and more modest cuts for junior or teenage maids. The colours are fabulous and the range has proved to be very popular. Click through to the website here.


We’ve been asked for some time now if we stock gifts for your maids and flower girls but the truth is we’ve never found anything that strikes the right note with us. Until now! We are delighted to be sticking a beautiful range of jewellery from White Ivy, which we think makes a gorgeous keepsake style gift from your Big Day.   Starting at £24 there is something for every pocket and budget. Click through to view on our website.

Without question though, the best way for you and your maids to choose their dresses and find something that suits everyone is to book an appointment and come down to see us – all together!  We’ll happily pop the kettle on or you can bring a little fizz and make an occasion of it!  Try on gowns, chat about colour and style and enjoy an hour or two with your closest girls. We’ll be honoured to be part of it!

Book an appointment now.

See you soon,

Karen and Jolene X


Peach Dress with One Shoulder Strap and Floral Decoration

Peach One Shoulder

Navy Dress with Sweetheart Neckline and Wide Straps. Stunning.

Navy Dress

One Shoulder Dress in a Beautiful Blush Colour is included in the Bridal Rewards.

Blush One Shoulder

Amanda Wyatt Bridesmaids and Flowergirl

Amanda Wyatt Bridesmaids

Amanda Wyatt in Red

Amanda Wyatt in Red

LONDON by Decorum in Yellow

LONDON by Decorum in Yellow

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