The New Bride's Wedding Dress Plan

The New Bride's Wedding Dress Plan

The only plan you need when it comes to shopping for The Dress. Buying your wedding dress... made easy!

Shopping for a wedding dress doesn't need to be stressful.  We help you plan from a year, six months and six weeks out!

From the moment that your gorgeous groom pops the question and slides that beautiful sparkler across your ring finger you know that life will never be the same again. Suddenly you’re an “engaged” woman; people want to know the date, friends wait patiently for the Bridesmaid & Best Man requests and your head spins into overdrive thinking about what your wedding dress is going to look like. 

We’d say this…. Enjoy the first rush of excitement that goes along with being engaged. Soak up the love and happiness that people like to throw around when wonderful news is announced. The planning doesn’t need to start before the last drop of champagne is poured.

Once that's over then it’s time to get the planning head on! It is possible to make this fun and to ensure the “bridezilla” tag is never whispered behind your back!  We’d love to talk you through the whole day start to finish but let’s stick to the dress, accessories and bridesmaid’s dresses.

The biggest influence on how you shop ladies, is the old demon, TIME!

Kirsty Gillings

Weddings Within A 6 Month Time Scale:

If you’re planning a wedding that has a short time frame – we’d say anything less than six months – then we do advise you shop quickly and “off the rack”. This means that you’re looking to try on a LOT of dresses and buy one from the rail that is a good fit or an almost good fit!  It doesn’t need to be perfect as we can have this adjusted and fitted by our professional seamstress  but there’s not quite enough time to have a made-to measure completed. 

Your bridesmaids are also tight for time and this is a slightly trickier fit if you have a few girls to kit out. Very few of us have friends of a uniformed colouring, shape and size. There are some fabulous new looks for bridesmaids now though and we can theme a colour scheme or style so that they look slightly different but a definite “team”!  Check out our blog on Mix and Match Bridesmaids here>>

Apple Blossom Time have helped lots of brides in this situation and the beautiful range we have in the bridal studio gives plenty of choice to brides of all tastes, sizes, shapes and budgets! Book an appointment and pop down to see us!

Weddings With More Than 6 Months Planning:

You really do have the luxury of time here but don’t get lulled into a false sense of security! To get the exact gown, the wedding dress of your dreams, you really want to give yourself a full 6 month window.  If you have very fixed ideas about styles, designers and fabrics then we’d be thrilled to have you come and try on a myriad of wedding dresses. Once you’ve narrowed it down we have the dress made to your specifications and off it goes for order.

While this happening, we can invite your bridesmaids down to do exactly the same. The wonderful thing about this is that we can order in specifically for your group’s sizes and colourings.  You really will get exactly what you want with time on your side!

When the dresses come back you’re all going to have one, maybe two fittings to get things PERFECT!


With everything in place we can provide swatches of fabric to colour match your shoes – we recommend Arabesque in Hospital Street Perth for a perfect partner!  They are second to none and we have had amazing feedback from brides and bridesmaids who have gone down this path.

Once you’re standing in your choice of dress then we’ll parade you in front of mirror and you can select from our stunning choice of accessories such as veils, tiaras, shawls and shrugs.  Never underestimate what this will do for your look – we adore the finishing touches and the lift it gives all dresses, no matter how breathtaking!

Finally, try it all on, look at yourself, your girls and smile! Painless wasn’t it!

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