New York Bridal Fashion Week

New York Bridal Fashion Week

Jolene and Carrie head to New York to seek out the very latest in fashion forward gowns for the modern bride.

Hi Everyone,

New York, New York so good they named it twice - and no wonder!

We recently celebrated six years in business and with that came a lot of reminiscing – remember when we had no money in year one, remember when we chose that terrible dress that didn’t sell, ahhh – but how about when our brides started to send us thank-you notes, or that time we almost lost our minds at a bridal show meeting Ian Stuart, remember when we nailed an entire season’s buying for the very first time, or were shortlisted for a VOWS award.  You get the idea folks – it has been a whirlwind 6 years and from small, shaky beginnings we have built a fantastic business, learned a LOT of lessons and had the privilege of dressing hundreds and hundreds of brides and their maids.

This past year in particular has been incredible. Trips to Barcelona and Amsterdam in search of more exclusive brands that can offer our brides something truly different – Rembo Styling we’re looking at you! – have been a huge sucess. So much so in fact, that one night over a glass of wine, we decided to spread our wings even further.

“Let’s go to New York for Bridal Fashion Week!” I announced.

“I’ll come to help!” shouted my recently engaged sister, Carrie.    

And so it was that we headed out to the Big Apple for four days of bridal mania, non-stop (work) shopping and a catch up with some wonderful old friends.

Kicking off with tickets for the "One Fine Day" bridal market, we could hardly believe our luck; this amazing event showcases the most innovative designers in bridal including Jack Sullivan, Savannah Miller (Sienna Miller’s sister!), Rembo styling, One Love Bridal, Daughters of Simone, CHOSEN by one day bridal plus many more!

We all know that New York is a ridiculously cool city and renowned for being not just on trend, but ahead of the world in what's to come - and bridal was no different! Alongside the fabulous gowns (some in the most amazing new fabric), there were padded shoulder lace jackets, denim and leather bridal jackets, bridal boots and handmade gold choker jewellery. Everywhere you looked it enhanced that too-cool-for-school bride vibe perfectly. We LOVED it!

Ultimately what an event like this recognises is that brides are actually just normal people! Where in everyday life do you see women dressed in variations of the same thing? The UK bridal scene is world-standard but as a non-conventional boho-loving chick myself, I do think we could do with being a bit more open minded to change and to new ideas – not for everyone, but certainly for some. 


I’m delighted to say that the trip was extremely worthwhile and not just a jolly for Carrie and me!  We are now the exclusive Scottish stockist for CHOSEN by One Day Bridal.  Carrie and I were blown away by this amazing brand from Australian born designer Kyha.  These are fashion forward gowns for the unconventional bride but still have all the romantic drama and stunning silhouettes you want for your wedding day.  

As well as a few outstanding dresses, we’ve also taken stock of that jacket! They can write anything you like on it, so you can have "The Mrs" or "Just married" and as the only other UK store is London, ABT is an essential visit ladies! I'm so excited for this brand! 

 Here’s what they say...

“Evolving from her personal experiences as a bride, tired of tulle and traditional gowns, Kyha endeavoured to create a brand that reflected her personal style.  She wanted brides to have an alternative option to the traditional white gown and an unforgettable experience in the process. Her eye for detail, stunning silhouettes and contagious personality has helped brides find their way down the aisle. Kyha’s journey from bride to designer has stirred the creative in all of us.”


I met up with Patty, my designer friend who owns Pure Magnolia that I worked at on secondment in Canada last year for 4 months).  We had a great catch up over coffee in a cute cafe amongst the hustle and bustle of New York.  She brought me her new look book, featuring the collections that I had first seen as one of Patty’s design doodles! They’re now staple pieces of the Pure Magnolia 2018 collection and they are beautiful! 

I also caught up with Jo from Rembo Styling - a design house that never fails to dazzle. This is a winning brand for us and Jo is an amazing rep. Once again the simple lines and unfussy use of fabrics. As you can see, she’s a beautiful person inside and out – it was great to catch up (and laugh at our matching outfits!)

New York - you nailed it!

Jolene X

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