Perfect Partnerships

Perfect Partnerships

Why Finding a Team Made Me Soar!

Everyone who knows me will know that I am a one-woman-band! When the "number of employee" box lands in front of me I am big solitary tick in the less-than-one box.  Before this begins to sound like a pitch for sympathy I will quickly say that this has many great benefits - the main one being that my verging-on-obsessional-level standards are met at all times!

On my own, my original plan to give every bride exceptional service by offering hour long (or two hours if that's what is needed!) one-to-one appointments slots can't be questioned.  And, of course, if an early finish is on the cards then I may very well take myself snowboarding rather than file the paperwork!  

What I did miss was bouncing ideas off of like-minded people. I so enjoy talking about bridal trends and fashions with other professionals and I'm a big believer in sharing thoughts and ideas with people. While I studied fashion I found that this was an essential part of any successful project.  So when it comes to planning a  photoshoot, getting creative and thinking a bit outside the box I love to chat and plan and think as big as possible!

So, this blog is to say a huge thank-you to the team that I have been fortunate enough to build up around me; you really have helped me soar!

I'm going to start with Louise Quinn and Susie Bloice who worked with me on the three photoshoots below. All of these shoots were done with Laura A Tilliman Photography.  Click on each of the images below to be taken to the full range of photographs for each shoot and contact details for Louise and Susie.

  1. Inchyra's 1920 Inspired Shoot
  2. Comrie Croft's Rustic Scottish Wedding
  3. Knock Castle's Soft Romance 

Do feel free to share or leave on comment on each page!

Great Gatsby 013  Comrie Croft Bride Knock Castle in Perthshire featured in our Bridal Photo Shoot

Setting up and planning photography shoots is a really important part of what I do - some bridal stores are happy to use the shots from the designers exclusivley and while I always offer these images here on the website (Why wouldn't you? They are stunning!) I also like to create a look using local suppliers and local venues.

For me, I think its really important to show brides just how stunning the dresses can look without world famous photographers and a huge team of hair and make-up artists.  I firmly believe that each and every bride can achieve a show-stopping, magazine ready look and this is why I like to work with local suppliers for hair, makeup and photography. Brides can look at the photographs and think "I can do that. I can achieve that look with these people"! 

And of course, I can't lie, its always a huge thrill when you open best Scottish Weddings and see a shoot you have styled in a local venue with local suppliers, spread across four glossy pages!

The idea that I could be part of a creative team while maintaining my own business identity and growing Apple Blossom Time wasn't something I thought I could achieve. But here I am, part of a mix of extremely talented professionals that I like, respect and work really well with. And the bonus is I am always full of fresh ideas to pass onto you, the fabulous Apple Blossom Time Brides.

If you'd like to chat to these very talented women about your Big Day then drop them a line or follow their pages (contact details and links on the photoshoot pages above).

I can highly recommend them!