Bridal Dresses with Up To 70% Off - Are They Real or An Urban Myth?

We recently ran a blog that gave some great tips for buying your wedding dress - time frames, fittings, choice. Perhaps you read it?  We always encourage Brides to spend a bit of time planning their dress BUT there is an exception to this rule. The Sample Dress Sale!

The Sample Bridal Dress is one of those elusive purchases that only seem to happen to a friend's cousin, a customer's auntie or a girl you once went to body pump with whose name you now forget.  "Real Girls" ie actual living breathing people that you know, have never been lukcy enough to walk down the aisle in an orginal Stephanie Allin that they picked up for £300. The Sample Dress has become the Urban Myth of Bridal Shopping!

One of the reasons its always "Other People" who pick up a Sample Dress is becasue we are a cynical lot us Brits.  Apple Blossom Time recently ran a £300 Sample Dress Sale and we sold only half of what we had in stock... The reason? We think it seemed too good to be true! Perhaps everyone thought that something had to be wrong / faulty / ugly!

So sit back and let me explain what a Sample Dress Sale really is; so that just maybe, if you're lucky, you can walk down the aisle in a beautiful (up to half price!) designer dress.

Amber by Stephanie Allin THE BUYER - That's Me!

Twice a year I will fly down to buy stock for the studio.    This usually takes about 6 months to turnaround and will consist of me purchasing various styles and sizes for brides to try on when they come into the studio. When these dresses arrive at the store they are carefully displayed with the other gorgeous gowns in our studio to become our "sample dresses". We then order a new dress for each bride in her exact size and style requirements - this becomes your new dress. One that has never been tried on. 

Every now and again we need to refresh our stock lines to make way for new styles and this is when you will pick up the deal! A Sample Dress is one that other people have used to try on in the store.  This means you buy it as is - so the dress is "sold as seen".  It means you may need a few more alterations than usual, or you may want to slightly adjust belts / straps / length. BUT you might also find your size, your style and your dream dress right there in our studio.  

The reason studios and stores like Apple Blossom Time do this is really quite simple - we're making way for other dresses. We have had brides order on them, had brides try them to decide on their own size and when we are ready for new stock we are happy to reduce them to free up studio space. "Last seasons styles" doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the dress - it just means that its not as mainstream as some newer designs. A lot of brides actually prefer this! 

Our Next Sample Dress Sale 

St John's Shopping Centre, Perth
8th & 9th June 2017
9am - 5pm


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