The Insta Bride

The Insta Bride

Here are my top tips to help keep you grounded, happy and just feeling gloriously grateful to be marrying the man or woman of your dreams!

Hold onto your bridal mood board ladies, I’m about to confess something HUGE! I am currently having a serious love-hate relationship with Pinterest and Instagram.  As you know, my sister was blown away by a wonderful proposal earlier last year and so quite apart from the fact I have a bridal dress business, I’m all over a dreamy, Snowy Wedding Board and #bohobride hashtag as I help my sister get ready! This is the love part of my bridal-image-searching relationship!

However, what has occurred to me – and I say this as the sister of a bride-to-be rather than a bridal dress supplier –is that the modern bride is faced a whole extra level of #BigDayGoals to be achieved.  From the soft off-white glow of a perfectly strung fairy light, to the hand-crafted favour tied up with unicorn mane, I can now see oh-so clearly where some of our bride’s more out-there requests have stemmed from!

And so, in the interest of maintaining the sanity of myself, my sister and all the other brides-to-be, I’m using this month’s blog to help you channel that #BridesInspo out of the bottom of the gin bottle and into creating a look that’s perfect for YOU.  Here are my top tips to help keep you grounded, happy and just feeling gloriously grateful to be marrying the man or woman of your dreams!

  1. Remember these images are largely styled! There has been an entire team of stylists, make up artists, hairdressers, modelling agencies and photographers on hand to create that ‘snapshot’ of a loving couple.   As in, their actual day job is doing this and nothing else – they do not need to go shopping for bread and milk. They do not to clean the loo in between choosing which fake lashes look best.  

  2. The people in these images are airbrushed models! Please, please, please never compare yourself to girls in magazines or on websites EVER, but especially don’t do it in relation to your wedding day.  The reason ‘model A’ looks different in a fishtail / column dress / strapless number is because a man at a laptop has airbrushed her into oblivion!  We want to help you find a dress that makes YOU feel like a million bucks – and I promise we’re really good at doing that.  No photoshop required!

  3. Budgets are vastly different in real life! The average wedding dress in our shop is £1500.  Some are a little less, some are a little more.   Kim K reportedly spent half a million dollars on her main dress (she had two!) which was a custom-made Givenchy Haute Couture.  I may have gone to an extreme to prove a point, but the truth is, we can have you looking stunning and all you need is an open mind and an honest chat with yourself around budget!

  4. YOU need to walk and dance in your dress! You are not standing still as the warm waters of the Caribbean lap gently at your ankles. Well, you might be, but if you are you’ll also have spent a large chunk of the day deciding if you should ditch your gorgeous shoes in order to walk there without wobbling in the sand!  Chances are you’re in Scotland, walking through church yards, running down hotel lobbies and dancing the night away!  You need to feel comfortable ALL DAY.   

  5. You WILL look AMAZING! There is nothing surer than that.  A bride who is marrying the love of their life is a happy, happy woman and there is nothing that can be found in the depths of a hashtag trail that will take away from that.  A radiant smile beats ‘release doves at dawn’ any day of the week!

So, should you ditch the social media? NO! We love a browse through beautiful bridal shoots – all we’re saying is use these boards and perfect bridal images as a starting point for your inspiration – not as the shopping list for a carbon copy day.  Trust your own instincts and let us weave some Apple Blossom Magic to help you look back on your big day, knowing it was picture perfect for YOU! BOOK NOW >>> 

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