The Runaway Bride!

The Runaway Bride!

Jolene takes her dresses to a photoshoot with a difference!

You know how much we love to get out on location doing photoshoots, so when we were approached by Live Active Leisure to help in their Every Day, Every Way campaign we jumped at the chance.

Up until now most of the photography we’ve been involved in has been specifically for editorial in magazines. You’ll remember our gorgeous Inchyra Byre and Knock Castle photographs that Best Scottish Weddings covered?  However, this one was a little bit different!

Live Active Leisure is Perth’s local fitness provider and they've just launched a campaign that highlights health and fitness as a part of peoples' everyday lives.  It is great fun and has grabbed a lot of attention with the unlikely images on the back of buses and up on billboards.

I know just from dress fittings that most brides go on a diet (fad or otherwise) leading up to the Big Day in a bid to “look their best”. And of course, organising a wedding is listed as being right up there as one of “Life’s Most Stressful Times”.  Although, we like to think we make the dress buying part stress free and enjoyable!

Live Active Leisure are keen to help brides-to-be break both of these negative cycles and encourage you to take up a sport or work with a trainer to get into a proper fitness regime. Exercise will combat the stress and help you look your healthy, toned best. 

Now, I think all of my brides are beautiful on their Big Day and as a girl who loves her food and enjoys her exercise I am all for encouraging this positive approach.  I asked Debbie, who has modelled for me before, to be our keep-fit bride and LAL sent Nathan, one of their (very good looking!) personal trainers to bring the real deal to the shoot! Karen from flawless came along to do the makeup and Fraser Band was on photography.  

Debbie and Nathan

What a hoot! Picture our bride in Huntingtower Hotel's grounds, pulling up her dress and being put through her paces by Nathan.  There were lunges, running and star jumps. He did draw the line at giving her a set of burpees which was a huge relief for Debbie but a secret disappointment for Nicki and I! At one point Fraser had Nathan carrying Debbie over Huntingtower’s beautiful bridge – and if I remember correctly she took a bump on the head for the team! What a great sport.... (sorry, it had to be done!)

This was a completely different angle for us but I’m so glad I said yes. We had a great morning, the photographs looked amazing and Apple Blossom Time is delighted to support this healthy approach to looking your radiant best. 

Click here for a browse through Live Active's Every Day Every Way campaign - I just love how much fun it is!

Thanks to Debbie, Nathan, Fraser from Fraser Band Photography, Karen from Flawless Make-up, Huntingtower Hotel for the stunning grounds and the weather for staying so sunny! 

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