Bridal Buyer Event 2014

Bridal Buyer Event 2014

Find out about Jolene's trip to this Year's White Gallery Event

Every year in March we head to the Bridal Buyer Event in London for a few days of all things bridal.  This is where the Bridal stores, like Apple Blossom Time, are given the first showing of the designers' new collections. It is a whirlwind of dresses, accessories and beautiful models all vying for your attention!

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For me, as a fashion lover, this is the highlight of my year. I love the buzz, the atmosphere of the famous White Gallery (more on this later!) and the anticipation of that first glimpse of what’s to come from the talented designers on show. This is my third year and I’m pleased to tell you that rush of excitement is still there. Happily, for me and you, I may be just as excited but I’m probably much more selective than I was on my first trip.  As with everything in life, buying a collection is a bit like a fine wine…. It gets much better as the years go by!  I made a few major mistakes in year one (but a few fabulous choices as well!) and it wasn’t until my autumn collection arrived last year that I was truly happy with ALL of my choices.

I remember a trip to Barcelona very early on in Apple Blossom Time and I have to put my hands up and admit to buying an awful collection! It was too much of the same and just not right at all. The vast majority of these dresses ended up in a second hand shop!

So, when I set off a couple of weeks ago to London for this year’s event I was feeling more ready, more excited and more confident than ever before. This was going to be the year when I chose my ultimate collection.  I had in my handbag an invitation to Ian Stuart’s Fashion Show - a guest list only event no less – where he’d be showcasing his latest collection and chatting to the invited buyers.  To be on this list was a HUGE privilege for me. Ian is the most awarded British Bridal Designer working today and as well as dazzling the UK market he also shows at New York Bridal Week and has become one of the most celebrated international bridal brands.

So, I thought I’d share some of my highlights from this year’s show and give you a little taster of what’s to come!    

  1. Bridal Buyer Blog 3The White Gallery. This is the name of the designer event that Apple Blossom Time shops from. The Bridal Buyer Event is HUGE and covers every price point in the market today. The White Gallery Event showcases the designers that Apple Blossom Time stocks; quality gowns and accessories from some of the leading UK and European brands.  It is aspirational and highly prestigious – this ladies, is where we source the gowns that are going to make you shine out on your big day!

  2. Coloured Dresses! Look out for some changes to the traditional white and ivory. More than one designer offered us a choice of soft colours and we loved them… We hope you'll agree!

  3. Charlotte Balbier. Charlotte is one of my favourite designers and her gowns are always well received from Apple Blossom brides.  Her collection this year was no exception; stunning dresses including the TWO that she wore to her own wedding in late 2013. (To be fair, if I was bridal designer I’d wear two different dresses to my wedding!) The secrecy surrounding the dresses at the time did nod towards Charlotte including them in this range and I can tell you she did not disappoint. I snapped up both – available to order from September 2014!

  4. Eliza Jane Howell and Lusan Mandongus.  Both of these designers stuck to their own unique signature styles and delivered collections that will take your breath away.  EJH has offered more of the beautiful Grea Gatsby inspired gowns, with fine details, beads and slender figure skimming gowns. Lusan Mandongus has given us another soft, romantic collection of Spanish Lace and vintage styling. Both are fantastic and will appeal to very different brides.

  5. Johanna Hehir. Johanna’s recent move to New Zealand has us wondering if we’d see another collection in The White Gallery. Well, we needn’t have worried!  This wonderful collection has been inspired by her new home country and features simple, elegant gowns that we adored.

  6. Meeting Ian Stuart. I met my hero. I think that says everything!

We have created a fabulous collection for you ladies. I truly believe this will combine with our current styles to give you the best choice in designer bridal fashion. We have chosen a range of price points from £900 to £2,700 and a stunning array of gowns from the simple lines at Jesus Piero to the beaded detailing of Eliza Jane Howell every dress there is something for everyone.  And of course, with new styles due you’ll find a few additions to our sample sale here online!

Please do feel free to contact me with any questions – or book an appointment and come down to see us in person. We’d love to show you our choices!