Make It A Perfect Fit

Make It A Perfect Fit

Making sure your wedding dress fits like a glove is one of the most important parts of any brides journey. Here we bust sizing myths, reassure you all on mysteriously gained inches and remind you its all in the fit!

Hi Everyone,

One of the most talked about and interesting aspects of the bridal gown industry is the sizing.  It is an oddly accepted fact that wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses will run at least one, if not two, sizes smaller than your usual High Street fashion stores.   This is not some weird sales pitch to make you feel better; your gut-busting Friday night sessions at Rodney may have put you into size 10 jeans but we bet you a sparkly tiara that you’ll be lucky to zip up a size 12 in the dress of your dreams!

“WHY IS THIS SO?” you may well squeal! Well, the closest we have come to a reasonable explanation goes back a few decades to a point in time when people would have their clothes tailored regularly. So although ready-to-wear size guidelines have become uniformed (almost!) in their approach to modern day curves and mind-sets, bridal industry specs are still based on body types from decades ago.

Which led us to ask what you’re probably thinking right now…. Why doesn’t the Wedding Dress industry just change its sizing? Well, confusingly, some have!  You’ll find that the newer fashion houses may be a bit more up to date but the truth is the huge amounts of time and money involved have placed it on a backburner.  Put simply, it takes a large team of people and a lot of money to continually update sizing specs and let’s be honest, you’d rather a dress that looks amazing regardless of the size on the label (remember it will be tailored to fit you perfectly any way!) than pay an extra £500.

So, What Size Wedding Dress Should I Order Then?

After five years in the industry, and having compared the shapes, curves and other beautiful bits of hundreds of brides, here are our top three tips for surviving the ‘oh you’ll need two sizes bigger’ chat from your trusty bridal assistant (us!).

  1. IAN STUART - Unforgettable Me - 16 - Narbonne - FrontDo not fixate on the actual size but instead on how your measurements compare to the specific designer’s size chart. Your something blue should not be your face as you stop breathing due to an ill-fitting corset! Comfort and style are the aims of the day!
  2. Remember, we know exactly how each gown fits up so tell us your usual day-to-day size and we promise to get you in the one you need for best initial fit.  It is our privilege to help you find the dress of your dreams and our reputation is staked on each and every bride we sell to.   Please, trust us to make that happen for you.
  3. Alterations are all part of the deal when it comes to a beautifully fitted gown. A short curvy 14 is always going to shape up differently to a tall, athletic 14.  So once we get the best starting point we will pin, tuck and measure you into perfection.    This is probably one of the only occasions you’ll treat yourself to a true, made-to-measure purchase – enjoy every minute of it.
  4. Look in the mirror, not at the tag.  The size is only a starting point and in order to say yes to the dress, you need to love what you see. Do you feel fabulous? If the answer is yes then nothing else matters.  All eyes will be on YOU, not the label inside the layers of lace and tulle!
  5. Please don’t buy a size down based on weight you’ve yet to lose! Play it safe and order to fit your current body.  We can take a dress in far easier than we can let a dress out. In actual fact, you can probably go down around three to four sizes without affecting the overall look of the dress too much but most can only be let out a bit without panels.

Preparing For Your First Bridal Appointment:

We’re going to ask you what size you’re wearing… Here’s what we recommend to help you say yes to the dress!

  1. Be honest with yourself!  If you’re desperate to be a size ten but still filling your size 12 skirts then say 12.  See point 5 above!
  2. Go with the size you are in a typical High Street store. We all know some fit bigger than others so think sensibly (ie not H&M!) and we’ll know where to start you off.
  3. Be open to some advice on style for your body shape – we’ve fitted a lot of beautiful brides and we have a great eye, highly-attuned to finding THE dress!
  4. Bring at least one honest, reliable friend or relative who will be straight with you – its sometimes tricky for us to say the words ‘back fat’ to a customer but if you feel it may be an issue, you’re going to want to hear it before buying the dress!
  5. Once you’ve committed to all of the above, forget everything you’ve ever known about sizing and prepare to enjoy some of the best few hours of your life!

Are you ready? Then click here and book today, we look forward to meeting you.

Karen and Jolene X

Look out for our 'Choosing The Right Style & Shape' blog coming soon!


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